Blown Spelt


Blown spelt, cane sugar, corn syrup, honey, sunflower oil.


Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.


Nutritional Values (average for 100 g of product)
Energy 1695 KJ/ 401 Kcal
Total Fats 5.6 gr
of which Saturated Fatty Acids 0.6 gr
Carbohydrates 78 gr
of which Sugars 41 gr
Protein 7.3 gr
Salt 0.001 gr

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Blown spelt is obtained by blowing the spelt grain – Triticum Dicoccum which comes from our organic crops. It is recommended for a light, low-calorie and very low-fat diet. Blown spelt is excellent for a healthy breakfast and to give crunchiness to dishes based on legumes and fish, especially in haute cuisine.

We have found great interest from the chefs and amazing results thanks to its use.